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What programmes are available?

Beginner Blitz - This is the perfect workout if you’re new to yoga.

90 Day Challenge - Burn fat fast with this series of workouts that mix easy yoga poses with high intensity exercises.

Bikini Blitz - You will be working your whole body with this intense 6 week programme designed to get you ready for the beach. 

Tone Blitz - Target and tone your problem areas with this brilliant strength and conditioning programme designed to focus on different areas of your body including your belly, butt and arms. 

Belly Blitz - There are 6 weeks of workouts – all focusing on blitzing your belly.

Pain Blitz - These workouts have been designed to blitz your pain and help relieve back pain, abdominal pain, bloating plus it also includes our pregnancy rehab workouts.

Pregnancy Bliss - These gentle yoga workouts are specially devised to help you and your growing baby during pregnancy. Do check with your doctor first but we recommend you start after your first trimester.

Post Natal Bliss - In this Post Natal Bliss programme we take you through 3 easy yoga flows which gently work on healing and strengthening your core muscles.

Relaxation Bliss - Take some time out to enjoy these beautiful restorative workouts. These are designed to help you de-stress and relax.